Can God trust you with His most precious possessions, to be raised alone by little old you? Is it possible for you to see this as an awesome opportunity to show a child how to survive this thing called life. You may not feel qualified but when the rubber hits the road, you must do what's needed to get these young gifts to a place where they feel safe and secure in knowing everything is working out for the good. Collette Conner is telling it like it is, and is letting single parents know they don’t have to be perfect to be successful.

Been There Done That, By Collette Conner is brilliantly written, filled with stories and tools on how to make and take being a single parent personally! This book will change perspectives on single parenting and how to view something in which some see as a bitter thing and make it sweet. Once again changing it from lemons to lemonade! This book will help any single parent rethink what looks like a curse, into a calling.

This book will encourage you, coach you and be a constant companion to those who feel they are alone. You may be single but know with Gods help, you are completely qualified and will be covered with Supernatural help! Being a single parent may not have been your choice but it is what it is, so do what you must do. Use your energy to create rather than complain. Lead by example so your children will know how to raise successful children themselves one day. Be the leader you want them to be and be the hero.

I believe any information that can change your mind and how you think, will help change your life strategies on what to do. Here is a perfect chance to change your perception and thoughts on single parenting.This book will encourage you to pray a little longer and a little harder. This book will assure you God can turn it around and make it all good!

Dr. Dorie McKnight

Author, Life Skills Coach, Playwright, & Speaker ​

Collette has the amazing ability to connect with the audience in a deeply personal way. Her approachable personality makes her message even stronger because you walk away from hearing her talk feeling empowered to begin a journey of mindfulness and transformation. She is an amazing Author and business woman. Working with her or reading her content will transform your life immediately.

- LaShanda D. Gary, D.D.

CEO Dream Build Success

I love when there is a testimony written in a book because you can connect and give the person realistic feedback of what they can do to get out of the situation and better themselves. This book is not just telling the story, but making you reflect and apply! That is what it's about! Anyone can apply these principles to their life! I am not a single parent, but I grew up in a single parent household. This book hit the nail on the head with doing life as a single parent and being successful at it!

- Lakeisha Harrell/ Personal Stylist and Style Expert, La. Harrell Style Company

“Resilience is shown to be true not in the face of frequent conveniences but in the on suspected on warranted unpredictable periods of hardship and difficulties. This is a must read to add further insight and inspiration to those who find themselves in the process of having to excavate their lives from under the multifarious conditions of single parenting and rising from the heaping struggles to become a more developed and powerful person.”

- Apostle Victor J Gaddie/ Pastor

Higher Calling Church

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